Pharma Transport


GDP (Good Distribution Practices)

Eurotrex also transports goods covered by GDP legislation.

Quality delivers Eurotrex from its inception. With the coupling of 14 years of transport experience to a quality management system, the level of our services has now also become demonstrable. With that system we ensure the qualification of the employees and our equipment. Standard procedures and checklists have become part of our routine and therefore, guarantee of quality.

We are located near Schiphol Airport. With the delivery and retrieval of air freight shipments, we are known and our employees have an ACN pass and have all followed the employee airfreight course.

Eurotrex has made one of its trailers validated in a summer and winter study. This trailer has an exceptionally large temperature range of-30 ‘ Celsius to + 30 ‘ Celsius. A track, trace and alarm system delivers in the cabin of the truck and also at the office in the Transport planning data on the temperature in the cargo compartment. Both real-time and afterwards for your administration.

Day and night the temperature in the trailer is monitored. If the temperature is too high or too low, we are alerted by SMS and/or e-mail.

The trailer is also preloaded. In the event of a calamity, an alarm is also followed and we can take appropriate action if necessary.
The other specifications of this trailer are:

  • Max. Weight load: 30 t
  • Standard 33 EURO-pallets; Using “Double-stock” system max. 66 Pallets
  • Charging Valve, max. 2.5 t
  • Certified Slot