Who are we?

Eurotrex started as a courier company in 2001, in Amsterdam and now, has become the current transport company we are today.

The name Eurotrex was established in connection with the unification of the European Union. Euro of Europe (European Union) and Trex as aggregation of transport and expedition.

In addition to the courier business, there was the intention to grow bigger into the transport business and to facilitate transportation throughout Europe.

Presently, we are a company with great possibilities, whereby we provide services 24 hours, 7 days a week on and also transhipment.

After obtaining the NIWO license, Eurotrex has established into the current transport company operating from Aalsmeer, in the Netherlands.

What do we do?

Besides our specialisation in cool freezing (temperature controlled) transport, we focus on airport transport, transport of hazardous materials, groupage, emergency and ad-hoc transport, large removals (relocations) with large material and city distribution.

Flexible, personal and of course your wishes first