Datacenter & High-Tech equipment

We are increasingly doing the deliveries of servers and related items to data centers in Europe.
We have our own team that specializes in the transport and placement of high-tech equipment in, for example, hospitals and data centers
Think of removing and placing servers from the packaging at the right location in the data center.
We have various equipment and tools for this to be able to carry out our work.
We can also take care of the waste flow for the customers, we have our own waste flow number, so that we can deliver these separately.
The high-tech equipment that arrives via air freight can also be loaded directly at the airfreight handler, because we have our own ACN-passes (special pass for Schiphol).
If necessary, we can independently load and unload with the help of the loading and unloading valves on our trailers.
For the larger and heavier loads, we can place our own forklift on location.
We can also take care of the loads that have to be unloaded with a (lifting) crane, we work together with a reliable partner for this.